VRA Installation Best Practice Using Reserved Memory

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When installing a VRA component with Zerto Virtual Replication, starting from version 2.0 Update 1 (Viper), administrators are required to select an amount of memory that will be reserved for the VRA itself.  This solution article outlines the requirements and best practices in order to set the reserved memory on the VRA.


The VRA requires at least 1GB of reserved memory.  You can choose between reserving 1 GB of memory and up to 3 GB of memory.  The VRA component requires the memory to be reserved in order to avoid situations where the VRA does not have the memory resources needed to maintain SLA of the protected VMs' IOs across to the peer site. 
The amount of memory that is reserved for the VRA is determined by the Amount of VRA RAM field specified during the VRA installation. The amount of reserved memory can also be defined and altered through the vSphere client after the VRA installation. The amount specified is dependent on the number of volumes being protected or recovered. 
  • In order to protect fewer than 50 volumes choose 1 GB.
  • In order to protect fewer than 100 volumes choose 2 GB.
  • In order to protect greater than 100 volumes choose 3 GB.

After selecting the desired value and specifying the other required values, click on Install in order to install the VRA.  If the host on which the VRA is being installed is a part of a cluster, make sure to have a sufficient amount of memory available for reservation, to satisfy the DRS and HA affinity rules.

Note: If the selected amount of memory is unavailable for reservation, the VRA installation will fail after 3 attempts with an error of "Insufficient Resources".  In order to recover from this situation, it is recommended to adjust the environment as necessary to allow for the deployment.

Affected Versions:
2.0 Update 1 (Viper); 2.0 Update 2 (Wolf); 2.0 Update 3 (Xeme); 2.0 Update 4 (Zebra); 2.0 Update 5 (Beryl); 3.0 (Corkite); 3.0 Update 1 (C); 3.0 Update 2; 3.0 Update 3; 3.0 Update 4; 3.0 Update 5

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