“Preseed” Option Grayed Out When Configuring a VPG to Replicate to vCloud Director

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An administrator may encounter a situation where the option to preseed a particular volume, when configuring a VPG to replicate to a Provider vDC, is grayed out.  This article explains the reason why this might be encountered, and possible workarounds

Affected Versions

All versions up to and including 2.0 Update 3 (Xeme).







This issue is due to a code bug, which prevents the use of the preseed functionality when replicating to a Provider vDC with vCD masking enabled on the cloud site Zerto Virtual Replication instance.  This bug will be fixed in Zerto Virtual Replication version 2.0 Update 4, scheduled for release in March 2013.
Possible workarounds include the following:
  • A cloud site administrator can temporarily disable vCD masking from the cloud site Zerto Virtual Replication instance, in order to configure a VPG with the preseed functionality.  Once the VPG has been saved, masking can re-enabled.
  • A customer site administrator can create a VPG, without configuring preseeding.  Upon saving the VPG, a cloud site administrator can then edit the VPG to point to the desired preseed disks.

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