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Problem with VPG in a VM not Protected Status

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An administrator may notice a VPG that was once healthy is now showing an error regarding the inability to replicate a VM.

Root Cause

The VM referenced in the warning is running on a protected site host that does not have a VRA installed. Therefore, Zerto can no longer replicate that VM.


In the VPGs section of the Zerto GUI, a VPG is in a status of “VM Not Protected.”  The following warning may also be seen: 

VPG VPGExample includes the following VMs which are no longer protected: VMExample.

The VPG may also have the below alert active as well:

Host {host_IP} has no VRA installed, and is part of cluster {cluster_name} that contains hosts with installed VRAs.


There are three ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Install a VRA on the host that the VM is currently running on.

  2. In vCenter, vMotion the affected VM to a host with a VRA installed.

  3. If this VM is no longer required to be replicated, remove it from the VPG, or remove the VPG if this is the only VM within the VPG.