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VPG Enters Needs Configuration Status Overnight Or During 3rd Party Backups

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Root Cause

VEEAM backups are known to take a snapshot of each VM to be backed up, attached to a proxy server to validate the snapshot, and then detach the snapshot from said proxy server. If a Zerto protected VM is used as a proxy server for VEEAM, all of these snapshots will be validated via said VM. This means a storm of disks will be attached, validated, then removed.

The issue here is that Zerto sees the new protected disks on the VMs, creates new mirrors on the Recovery site, and starts to sync then. Before the disks can be synced fully, they are pulled from the VM. Therefore, there are missing configuration details (disks) on the protected VM to get this VPG back into sync. Hence, Needs Configuration status.


After a 3rd party backup solution, such as VEEAM, runs through backups for many VMs (whether the VMs are protected by Zerto or not), a VPG will enter Needs Configuration.



If the affected VPG only has the 1 VM acting as a VEEAM proxy server, recreate the VPG.

If the affected VPG has many VMs, simply remove the 1 VM acting as a VEEAM proxy server, save the VPG, then edit once more and add the VM back in.


Ensure all VMs in the affected VPG are not being used as a Proxy Server for VEEAM or other 3rd party backup solution.