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“Volume Extension Is Not Supported By Hypervisor” Failure When Creating A VPG From Hyper-V To VMware

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Root Cause

Linux, the operating system VMware hosts run on, differentiates between filenames in capital letters and lowercase letters. Therefore, when a file extension is in capital letter instead of lowercase, VMware deems the extension to be different than expected and does not support the file type.


When creating a VPG replicating from Hyper-V to VMware, creation fails with the following error:
  • Volume extension is not supported by hypervisor: FILENAME.VHDX volumeSuffix = .VHDX


In order to change the case of the file extension in Hyper-V, perform the following steps:
  1. Shut down the source VM
  2. Detach the virtual disks files from the VM
  3. Rename the vhdx file to use lowercase characters
  4. Re-attach the virtual disks to the source VM
  5. Power on the VM
After that, the VM can be used when creating a VPG.