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VM Boot Failures and Boot Order Configuration in Affected VPGs.

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A core feature of the Zerto VPG is the ability to define a specific boot order/delay for machines in it that will be respected in terms of booting said machines back up after a failoverfailover test operation. This is particularly useful if not absolutely required in the case of certain application/database servers that depend on resources located on other virtual machines to boot up properly.

In such scenarios, some virtual machines may be expecting access to these resources on other virtual machines and will not boot as they should unless those other virtual machines are already up and running before they are.

The boot order settings should be be checked for accuracy if virtual machines do not boot as expected.
The configuration of boot order/delay can be verified in by click on the VMs tab in the Edit VPG windows and then clicking Define Boot Order. 

It is also highly recommended to run a force sync with the aim of correcting any inconsistencies prior to the next failoverfailover test should the issue have somehow been caused by an inconsistency in the last sync operation.