Using Zerto VIB instead of host root password 

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During VRA installation, Zerto uses VIB (vSphere Installation Bundle) to interact with the subject host without the user need in providing the host password.

VIB contribution:
From ESXi 5.5, by default, Zerto Virtual Manager uses a vSphere Installation Bundle, VIB, to connect to the host. When using VIB:
  1. The user does not need to enter a password during VRA installation and future host interactions.
  2. Once a day, Zerto Virtual Manager checks that the VRA and host can connect. If the connection fails, Zerto Virtual Manager re-initiates the connection automatically and logs it

How to enable and disable VIB use:
The use of VIB during VRA installation is enabled by leaving the 'Use credentials to connect to host' box unmarked.
To disable VIB use, the 'Use credentials to connect to host' box should be checked.

What happens during VIB use in installation and after it:
During VRA installation, VIB append the 'ZVM RSA KEY' to the 'authorized_keys' file on the ESXi.
After installation completes, VIB is removed from the host, keeping the RSA key for VRA interaction with the host.

Affected Versions:
4.5 and greater


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