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How to Use vSphere Folders to Manage VRAs and VRA-H VMs

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A n administrator may want to organize the VRA and VRA-H VMs deployed as part of Zerto into one or more VM and Template folders. The Zerto UI does not provide a feature to orchestrate the use of a vSphere folder when deploying a VRA. However, an administrator may move a VRA or VRA-H VM into a folder following the deployment without negative impact to any Zerto function.

New VRA-H VMs are created by the Zerto Virtual Manager as needed; for example, when the number of disks attached to a VRA or VRA-H reach the maximum of 60, and more disks need to be managed. As new VRA or VRA-H VMs are created, a customer can move these VMs into a vSphere folder. The Zerto software will continue to deploy new VRAs or VRA-H VMs at the root folder level. If the customer does not want to store these VMs in the root folder level then they must move any new VRA or VRA-H VMs into another folder as needed.


To move VRA and/or VRA-H VMs into different VM and Template folders, kindly follow available VMware documentation to do so.

Note: The account used by the Zerto Virtual Manager to access vCenter must continue to have the permissions needed to manage the VRA and VRA-H VMs in any new folder. The permissions are listed in the Zerto Installation Guide for vSphere and Hyper-V.