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How to upgrade Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Local Database on ZVM

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The internal database installed as part of the ZVM installation uses Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Express LocalDB (version 12.0.2000.8), which was released on 6/5/2014.
A user may wish to upgrade to a later version.



** Note: This requires downtime for the ZVM and may require a restart of the ZVM VM. **

Steps to upgrade Microsoft SQL Server Express:
  • Download the Microsoft SQL Server Express SP3 64-bit installer for LocalDB (ENU\x64\SqlLocalDB.msi):
  • Stop all Zerto services and take a snapshot of the VM.
  • After running the installer it will produce a warning: "A lower version of this product has been detected on your system. Would you like to upgrade your existing installation?"
  • Click 'Yes' to continue the installation of the new version.
  • Once the installer has completed, you may receive the message "You must restart your system for the configuration changes made to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express LocalDB to take effect. Click Yes to restart now or No if you plan to manually restart later."
  • Click 'Yes'.
  • After rebooting the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express LocalDB version will be 12.3.6024.0.MS SQL Server Express Upgrade
  • Log on to the ZVM GUI and verify that the environment is healthy. If there are any unexpected issues then collect logs using the Zerto Diagnostic application and contact Zerto Support for assistance. The snapshot taken before the upgrade can be used to revert to a known good state, after the collection and storage/upload of logs covering any unexpected issue.