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Error: “You Are Trying To Upgrade To An Incompatible Product Type” When Upgrading to Later Versions of 6.5/7.0

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This article describes a scenario in which an upgrade attempt fails when using the wrong installer in relation to the VSS.
Prior to 7.5, there were separate ZVR installers for VSS. On our downloads page from MyZerto, the installer will have a "with VSS" appended.
Starting in 7.5, there is only installer for each hypervisor and VSS functionality is built into it.

Root Cause

This error is similar to the one mentioned in this KB:
Error: "You Are Trying To Upgrade To An Incompatible Product Type" During ZVR Upgradeā€

In this scenario, while the hypervisor may be correct, it's found that the VSS version of Zerto had been installed and the attempt to upgrade was done using the non-VSS version of the installer.

You will get the same error when trying to use a VSS version of the installer on a non-VSS installed version.


When attempting to upgrade from a previous version of 6.5 or 7.0 to a later version of same family, a user may receive the error "You are trying to upgrade to an incompatible product type" even though the correct hypervisor installer was used.

When reviewing install logs, it's found that the VSS version of the product had been installed, however in the 7.0 based install, there was no mention of VSS in the file name, indicating the non-VSS installer was being attempted.

6.5 install logs:
[0A0C:1150][2019-01-23T14:03:33]i001: Burn v3.10.1.2213, Windows v6.3 (Build 9600: Service Pack 0), path: C:\Binaries\Zerto Virtual Replication - vss VMware Installer_6.5.30.60\Zerto Virtual Replication - vss VMware Installer.exe

7.0 install logs:
[0D98:2BA0][2019-10-07T15:07:44]i009: Command Line: '"\Binaries\Zerto Virtual Replication - vss VMware Installer_7.0.22.4\Zerto Virtual Replication - vss VMware Installer.exe" -burn.filehandle.attached=336 -burn.filehandle.self=332'

7.0 upgrade logs:
[1238:1190][2020-01-09T11:09:38]i009: Command Line: '"\Binaries\Zerto Virtual Replication VMware Installer_7.0.30.40\Zerto Virtual Replication VMware Installer.exe" -burn.filehandle.attached=320 -burn.filehandle.self=328'

A few seconds later in the install logs, the failure is seen citing the license incompatibility:
[1238:02A0][2020-01-09T11:09:47]i000: License Type Validation
[1238:02A0][2020-01-09T11:09:47]i000: License key Minor version is 1, assuming non standard license
[1238:02A0][2020-01-09T11:09:47]e000: Microsoft.Deployment.WindowsInstaller.InstallerException: You are trying to upgrade to an incompatible product type. Please contact Zerto Support.
at Zerto.Zvm.Installer.Boot.Validate.LicenseTypeValidation.Validate() in E:\eaglerare_u3\dev\system\Zvm\Installation\Zerto.Zvm.Installer.Boot\Validate\LicenseTypeValidation.cs:line 30
at Zerto.Zvm.Installer.Boot.Validate.ValidationFactory.Create(Command command, ICommandLine commandLineArgs, ExecutionType executionType, Engine engine) in E:\eaglerare_u3\dev\system\Zvm\Installation\Zerto.Zvm.Installer.Boot\Validate\ValidationFactory.cs:line 21
at Zerto.Zvm.Installer.Boot.Bootstrapper.Validate() in E:\eaglerare_u3\dev\system\Zvm\Installation\Zerto.Zvm.Installer.Boot\Bootstrapper.cs:line 278
at Zerto.Zvm.Installer.Boot.Bootstrapper.Run() in E:\eaglerare_u3\dev\system\Zvm\Installation\Zerto.Zvm.Installer.Boot\Bootstrapper.cs:line 96


  • Upgrade to 7.0u3p1 VSS specific version, or
  • Upgrade to 7.5u2 or later as this has VSS built back into the product.