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Problem with Change VM Recovery Host resulting with Error “This is not allowed when you change a datastore.”

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An administrator is trying to move VM(s) from one Recovery VRA to another but receive an error that this is not possible to do when a datastore is being changed as well. However, no change to datastore is possible to select in the Change VM Recovery Host wizard.

Root Cause

This is typically caused by Zerto not being updated on a previous storage vMotion activity for a mirror disk.


When attempting a Change VM Recovery Host operation, the following error is returned:

This is not allowed when you change a datastore.

Additionally, the ZVM logs will have an exception similar to the below:

ProtectionGroupController,ChangeRecoveryHostImpl,"Exception occurred during change recovery host implementation: Zerto.Zvm.Common.ProtectionGroupControllerException: VM [VM <vm_identifier>, server <server_guid>] The recovery compute resource cannot be changed. 
This is not allowed when you change a datastore.


To resolve this issue, kindly perform the below steps:
  1. Select Edit VPG, but do not make any changes.
  2. Click Done and wait until the Update VPG task completes successfully in the Zerto GUI. To confirm success, open the Monitoring tab and review the task.
  3. Once the VPG has been successfully updates, re-attempt the Change VM Recovery Host operation.