Support for Stateless vSphere ESXi Hosts

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An administrator may wish to add a stateless vSphere ESXi host to a site, and may wonder how this sort of configuration would affect Zerto Virtual Replication.  This article explains the ramifications.


Affected Versions

2.0 Update 2 (Wolf 159) and higher





Stateless ESXi hosts boot via PXE, and obtain their state from the vCenter Server to which they are registered.  A result of this is that anything residing on internal storage, in active memory, does not survive a reboot.
Zerto Virtual Replication data is stored entirely in VM configurations and datastores.  Additionally, when a host is rebooted, its identifiers, used by Zerto Virtual Replication, are preserved.  As such, whether in normal operation, or following a reboot, the administrator will encounter no issue when running Zerto Virtual Replication in an environment with stateless ESXi hosts.

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