Snapshot of the VRA VM causes the VRA to hang.

KB Number:

VRA becomes unresponsive to network communication (ping).
VPG error due to VRA communication.
When opening a console terminal to the VRA, this can be seen:
VRA freeze

The VRA VM (VM-xxx) is part of a group of snapshot VMs.
The datastore(s) the VRA is actively writing to (VRA OS Disk / Journal / Replication data store) are part of data store snapshot technology which is quiescing them during the snapshot. 
VMware Snapshots (Or other 3rd party Snapshots\Backup Jobs) are scheduled to run against the VRA VMs. 


Take the VRA VM (VM-xxx) out of the group of Snapshot VM.
Remove the Journal / VRA OS Disk / Replication datastore from data store snapshot technology 
Restart all affected VRA's after removal from snapshot schedule


Affected Versions:

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