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Problem with Sites Showing Disconnected but RPO is Healthy and Checkpoints Accruing as if All is Well

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An administrator may experience many site disconnection and other related alerts being active on their ZVM GUI, however, RPOs are healthy, indicating the sites are not disconnected.

Root Cause

This is a code bug with the new Alert Persistence feature that results in stale/cleared alerts remaining in the ZVM Database. After a ZVM service restart (or ZVM reboot), these "stale" alerts are reported back to the ZVM service by the ZVM Database and the GUI lists these alerts as active again as if they were active prior to restart of the service (which they were not).


Site disconnection alerts are present on a system running 7.0. However, replication appears to be fine as RPO is healthy and checkpoints are accruing.

There may be many other alerts as well but all checks prove that these alerts, like the site disconnection alerts mentioned above, appear to be benign.

DR Operations such as Failover or Move as well as Edit VPG may not be possible from the Protected Site.


To workaround the issue when it is present, kindly engage Zerto Support for further assistance.

A permanent fix was implemented into 7.0 Update 1. Hence, upgrading to this code version will avoid this issue from occurring again.