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Problem Sites Are Missing in Zerto Analytics

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A user might find that sites are missing in their analytics. To troubleshoot the issue, follow the steps in the Resolution section. 

Root Cause

  1. There might be a network issues that is causing the site not to transmit to the Zerto Analytics servers 
  2. The license which is applied on the ZVM does not match the account of the user


Sites are missing from Zerto Analytics 


  1. Validate that the Site is connected and transmitting to the Zerto Analytics servers by following the steps listed in Zerto Analytics Dashboard doesn’t contain data
  • If the issue persist - Submit a case with Zerto support, and include the following: 
    1. The license key in use.
    2. The e-mail address used for MyZerto.
    3. A screenshot of a ‘Success!’ API Client response from Zerto’s Analytics Servers.
    4. A screenshot of the blank Analytics Screen. including the MyZerto user configuration