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Problem Site is Greyed Out in Zerto Analytics

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A site is not transmitting data to Zerto's SaaS servers and are not appearing in the Zerto Analytics dashboard.

Root Cause

Site is not transmitting data to the Zerto Analytics Servers over 24 hours 


Site(s) are greyed out.


Configuration Changes

It could be that the site configuration changed and as a result it is no longer transmitting to the Zerto Analytics servers. Please verify that the settings are properly configured by reviewing 'Zerto Analytics Dashboard doesn't contain data'  

DRAAS Configuration

The affected site is not transmitting data, however, it is paired to a site which is transmitting data, and as a result it will appear as greyed out. This is common with MSPs where there is a DRAAS site that is paired with a cloud site. If you wish to connect the site to Zerto Analytics, please review ' Zerto Analytics Dashboard is doesn't contain data' 

** for more information regarding the different site's statuses in Zerto Analytics, please click on the Question mark next to site search box **

Support Contact

If you are still having issues, submit a support case while including the following information:
  1.  Reference this KB 
  2. Site name 
  3. The license which configured within the site