Site Disconnection/VRA-to-VRA disconnections after a VPG is created

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VPGs may be in a Site Disconnection state. The following errors may also be seen:

-Zerto Virtual Manager is not connected to VRA with IP x.x.x.x on host <hostname>.
-Connection between local site VRA, x.x.x.x (on host <hostname>), and peer site VRA, y.y.y.y is down.

Pings may also fail between VRAs with the message "Network is unavailable."

Ping fails between VRA - ZCC

The ports for replication may be closed such as 4007 and 4008

If the VRA's default gateway is entered incorrectly.


We typically see this type of behavior when ports are blocked between the VRAs of the 2 sites. Can you verify that ports 4007 and 4008 are open bi-directionally between the VRAs on the source site and the target site? From the source site VRAs we need to allow traffic over those two ports incoming and outgoing and then on the target site traffic needs to be allowed both ways for the VRAs on ports 4007 and 4008.

We would want to make sure If the default gateways on VRA is correct.

I have included documentation on the requirements for Zerto when it comes to connectivity (page 4):

Affected Versions:


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