Restoring replication after a successful FOL process.

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VPG in a "Needs configuration" error state

After a successful FOL procedure, replication stopped with the error "Needs configuration" in the ZVM GUI


To restore replication back, if the VPG has "NOT" been deleted:

1- Edit the VPG by going to every screen and hit save without making any changes. 

2- Once the VPG has been updated successfully, a Delta sync will start.

PLEASE NOTE: Editing the VPG in this manner WILL reverse the protection of the VPG. If that is not desired, please do not edit the VPG in this manner.

To restore replication back, if the VPG has been deleted:

If the VPG has been deleted, you can still use the disks to preseed the VPG and avoid a full initial sync. 

1- Delete VM (s) from inventory. This will detached the disks from the VM (s) that will be used during the VPG sync process.

2- Create the new VPG, add the VM (s) and point them to the preseed disk location on the new target site (previous source site).

3- Once the VPG has been successfully created, a Delta sync will start and once it completes, replication will be restored.     

Affected Versions:
All version.

vSphere and Hyper-V

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