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8.0 Update 1
8.0 Update 1 Patch 1
8.0 Update 2
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Recovery To AWS Fails With Error “Progress String Contains Error Code: DOWNLOAD_PART_ERROR. Aborting Importer VM.”

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This article explains a known issue when trying to recover a VPG to AWS when an error is reported and the operation rolls back.

Root Cause

The initial "NoSuchKey" error can tend to occur as the zImporter tries to download the file right after uploading and S3 does not have the file "ready" to be downloaded quite yet. The next retry of the download should work. However, even though there is a 12 retry limit configured, there was a code bug that caused the loop to exit after the first attempt (essentially, retry mechanism was broken).


A Failover Test/Live, Move, or Offsite Clone to AWS fails with error:

Progress string contains error code: DOWNLOAD_PART_ERROR. Aborting importer VM.

The zImporter log will report the below "NoSuchKey" error as well:

2020-07-29 17:02:21,001 ERROR    140451173451520 S3Manager       get_file_data_from_s3_with_full_response Message: failed to get object <VM_NAME/VMDK_NAME>.vmdktmp2240manifest.xml_finalizerObject from s3 bucket. ClientError: An error occurred (NoSuchKey) when calling the GetObject operation: The specified key does not exist.. CorrelationId: c1cbaf7c-58a6-485a-95c4-d414b79fc79d


Permanent Fix

Upgrading to 8.0 Update 3 will resolve the retry mechanism and avoid this issue on first attempt at a Recovery Operation post-upgrade.