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Reasons For Unplanned Initial Sync When Replicating to a vCD Environment

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Importing The VPG settings from the diagnostics utility:
  1. When trying to re-create the VPG using the Import VPG Settings, in the Diagnostics utility: An import of the settings from the customer side would lead to an initial sync, regardless to whether there are preseeded recovery VMDKs or not.
This behavior occurs due to which the vCenter reflection from the DR VCD site is masked when communicated to the Protected Site. Therefore, the exported settings file on a protected site will not contain information on the Cloud site's Datastores and disks locations. As a result, the Import will not have the required information to locate the preserved Recovery Volumes, and VPGs imported from the protected site will always end up doing an Initial Sync rather than a Delta.

When a re-creation of a VPG is needed, Use the Import operation from the cloud ZVM in order to use the seeded recovery volumes, and have a Delta Sync.

Changing the VPG/ZORG configurations:
  1. When changing the VPG’s or the recovery site’s storage profile, from the Edit VPG dialog on the Site Setting menu respectively, regardless to whether the original and new storage profiles has the same datastore that currently contains the recovery volumes.
  2. When changing a ZORG’s Org vDC, regardless of whether the original and new vDCs has the same datastore that currently contains the recovery volumes
When recreating or editing a VPG that replicates to a vCD-based environment, one should be aware of the following situations that will result in an Initial Sync.


On both situations the VPG would have to be deleted and recreated manually with the new configurations in case the change is necessary.