Re-building A Cloud Service Provider ZVM

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On some occasions, CSP must re-build his entire Cloud ZVM from scratch.
For example: When vCenter server has been upgraded or rebuilt without preserving its DB, the ZVM must be re-built.

Here is the best practice for how to do it properly with the right order of operations: 

  1. Export VPG settings
- Use the "Export Protection Group Settings" option in the ZVM's Zerto Diagnostics utility to create an XML file containing VPG configuration settings.
- Use the "Export" button within the VPG tab on the Zerto UI to save a CSV file containing all the VPGs settings, in case any of the VPGs would have to be manually recreated.
  1. Remove all VPGs (while choosing to preserve the target disks for preseeding afterwards).
  2. Unpair sites from within the Sites tab in the cloud ZVM GUI.
  3. Open the Zerto Cloud Manager GUI and perform the following on each of the ZORGs of the relevant site:
    1. Take notes of the ZCC’s configurations.
    2. Remove the Zerto Cloud Connectors.
    3. Remove all vCenter Cloud Resources and vCD Cloud Resources.
  4. Remove the relevant site from the Sites list in the Zerto Cloud Manager.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall Zerto on the cloud ZVM.
  6. Re-add the site to the Zerto Cloud Manager via the Zerto Cloud Manager sites tab.
  7. Recreate ZORGS and re-allocate resources that were deleted in step 5.
  8. Deploy new Zerto Cloud Connector via the Zerto Cloud Manager GUI for each ZORG.
  9. Pair the sites via the ZVR GUI of the peer ZVMs (customers’ ZVMs)
  10. Import VPG settings:
Use the "Import Protection Group Settings" option in the ZVM's Zerto Diagnostics utility to import the XML file created in step 1.

Affected Versions:

vCenter, vCD

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