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How to extract files from a VRA VM using WinSCP

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An administrator may require a way to pull files off of a VRA VM for troubleshooting/analysis. Starting in Zerto 7.0, an SSH key is being provided for users who wish to be able to access the VRA.


Starting in version 7.0, within the Zerto Virtual Replication installation folder, an SSH key file named "ssh.ppk " can be found inside a folder named "Secrets". Please note that only a user account with Administrative access on the ZVM server can access the "Secrets" folder.

In WinSCP, a user is able to select a SSH key file for authentication to connect to a VM. Please see the following directions on how to connect via FTP to the VRA VM using the SSH key:
  1. Download, install, and launch WinSCP on the ZVM VM. When you launch WinSCP, you will see the following Login screen:
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  2. Fill in the host name with the VRA VM's IP address, and the Username should be root. Leave the Password field blank.
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  3. In the Login screen, click the Advanced... button:
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  4. In the Advanced Site Settings window, navigate to SSH -> Authentication:
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  5. Click the Browse (...) button:
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  6. Navigate to \Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\Secrets, and select the ssh.ppk file. Click OK.
  7. Back to the Login screen, click the Login button. WinSCP should connect to the VRA VM from here and allow for file transfer.