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Providers Unable to Upgrade DRaaS Customers via Upgrade Manager

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An MSP may be unable to upgrade a DRaaS customer via remote upgrade.

Root Cause

Due to a security certificate issue, Cloud Control – Upgrade Manager will not be available to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to automatically upgrade remote Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) customers that are connected to the MSPs site(s) via a Zerto Cloud Connector (ZCC).

Cloud Control – Upgrade Manager allows MSPs to execute an upgrade of a remote customer’s DRaaS site that is connected to the MSPs site(s) by a ZCC on behalf of that customer. When the upgrade is initiated, the customer’s local Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) is instructed to securely download the recommended version of Zerto and execute the upgrade. This secure download cannot be performed when the recommended version for the customer’s site is any of the following versions of Zerto: 7.0 Update 3 Patch 1, 7.5 Update 4 Patch 1, 8.0 Update 3, 8.0 Update 3 Patch 1, 8.0 Update 4, and 8.5 

Due to this issue, the MSP must manually work with their customer(s) to upgrade the currently installed version at the customer’s site(s) to the recommended version of Zerto. Once this is completed, the MSP will be able to use Cloud Control – Upgrade Manager to upgrade the customer site(s) to future versions.


When MSPs access Cloud Control – Upgrade Manager and the recommended version is any of the above noted versions for their customer site(s), the entry for that site will be greyed out and they will see the following detailed message provided in a tooltip next to the recommended version:

Unfortunately remote upgrade is not available for this recommended version - In order to keep using Upgrade Manager in the future, you must manually install the current recommended version on the customer site.


Zerto recommends providers work with their customers to perform the following:

  1. Record the recommended version provided by Zerto via Cloud Control – Upgrade Manager
  2. Contact and work with your customer(s) to manually upgrade their site(s) to this recommended version.
Note: Only one manual upgrade is needed per customer site and once any of the noted versions are installed, providers can recontinue use of Upgrade Manager for said site.