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Error: “Protection group failover before commit. Failed: Failed to create disk 3 times”

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Root Cause

A recovery VRA used by the affected VPG is configured for using a datastore in which at least one journal disk or recovery disk is not accessible by the VRA.

About other VPGs that are not relevant to the inaccessible datastore, their failover may also fail, if they use any recovery VRA that has at least one journal or recovery disk stored in the inaccessible datastore.

The inaccessible datastore will prevent changes to the VMX file of the affected VRA as long as a disk in the inaccessible datastore is attached to the VRA.


After starting a failover test, failover live, or move task, the task fails with the error:
Protection group failover before commit. Failed: Failed to create disk 3 times

The following Zerto alert is active before or during the task:
Storage [datastore name] is not accessible


Once the datastore is accessible again, please retry the failover test, failover live, or move task.

The health of the datastore can be tested by attempting to create a VMDK in this datastore via the vSphere client.

If datastore maintenance or another activity is planned, then please edit all VPGs using this datastore for journal or recovery disk storage, and change the VPG settings to using an active datastore until the original datastore is available again.