Protection group creation fails with message “host isn’t ready to use”

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When trying to create a protection group, or configure reverse protection, you receive an error mess


Description of issue

We would like to bring your attention to an issue discovered in Zerto Virtual Replication version 5.0 update 3. In this version, if an ESXi/Hyper-V host is down (e.g. in maintenance mode, offline, or the VRA on the host is down/disconnected) on the *Protected site only*, the following actions will fail:

  • Creation of a VPG
  • Adding a new Virtual Machine to a VPG
  • Changing the Recovery Datastore for one or more volumes in a VPG
  • Attempting to initiate Reverse Protection during or after the commit step of a Failover Live/Move operation

Please note: this does not affect replication in any way. This only prevents the creation of new 'Protected Volume' objects, which are only created in one of the scenarios listed above.

Fixed in

  • ZVR 5.0u4 – targeted for July 25, 2017
  • ZVR 5.5u0 – targeted for July 30, 2017
  • All later versions


If you are planning a maintenance activity which requires a host to be put into maintenance mode, or you have already done so and are encountering this issue, there are two main workarounds

If the host has not yet been placed into Maintenance Mode

The issue can be avoided by performing the following actions before placing a host into maintenance mode:

  1. Move all protected VMs to other hosts in the cluster
  2. Uninstall the VRA from the host where maintenance is planned
  3. Place the host into maintenance mode and proceed with planned actions

If the host has already been placed into Maintenance Mode

The issue can be worked around via the following steps

  1. Verify there are no VMs except for the VRA and its diskboxes left on the host
  2. Remove all VRA/Diskbox VMs from the host using the 'Delete from Disk' option in vSphere, or the 'Delete' option in SCVMM
    • Note: if this VRA is the target, rather than the source, for any VPG's, please use the 'Change VM Recover VRA' option in the Zerto GUI before performing this action
    • Note: if this does not work, you may need to remove the host itself from the vCenter/SCVMM inventory to proceed to the next step
  3. Once the VRA and its diskboxes are removed, the VRA should go into a ghost state in the Zerto GUI, allowing you to uninstall it from Zerto

Once either of the above actions have been completed, VPG creation (and all other affected flows) should not be functional. Once the maintenance is complete, the host can be brought out of maintenance mode and the VRA reinstalled, then protected VMs can be returned to this host.


Affected Versions:

vCenter, SCVMM

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