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Problem ZVM Database is missing or destroyed

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Root Cause

Outside of a manual deletion by an administrator of the file (which is extremely rare), an anti-virus program scanning the ZVM machine can and will quarantine/delete the ZVM's DB.

Due to this, the Zerto Virtual Manager service cannot start up and stay running properly since it cannot access the ZVM's DB.


Zerto Virtual Manager service cannot stay in a running status.

Event Viewer Application logs show exception regarding 'SqlDb'.

The ZVM DB file or files are missing:

-> If the ZVM is running 6.5 or later (or was installed at 5.5 or later) then the ZVM DB files (.mdf and .ldf) can be found in /Program Data/Zerto/Data.

-> If the ZVM was installed previous to 5.5 and has not been upgraded to 6.5 yet, then the old zvm.sdf file can be found in /Program Files/Zerto/Zerto Virtual Replication.


It is required to exclude the /Program Files/Zerto/Zerto Virtual Replication and /Program Data/Zerto/Data directories from anti-virus scanning.

To resolve the issue, if the ZVM DB file(s) cannot be found in the quarantined location of the anti-virus, then unfortunately a re-install is required.