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Problem with VRA Install Failing due to ZVM Communication Errors with ESXi Host

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An administrator may come across one of two errors during VRA Installs that reflect on communication issues between the ZVM and the ESXi host where the VRA is being installed.

Root Cause

There's a firewall setup between the ZVM and ESXI host and/or SSH is disabled on the ESXi host.


VRA Install will fail with one of the following two errors:

VRA Installation IP-xx.xx.xx.xx. Failed: Failed to connect to host <hostname>, probably name resolution from ZVM to <hostname> failed

VRA Installation Failed: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it xx.xx.xx.xx:22


To workaround this issue, follow the below steps:

  1. Ensure SSH is enabled on the ESXi host where the VRA is attempting to be installed.

  2. Ensure that the IP address chosen for the VRA is not in use elsewhere prior to install attempt.

  3. Ensure that the ZVM IP address is whitelisted from any firewalls or similar that could be stopping communication between ZVM and the ESXi host.

  4. Ensure the DNS entry of the ESXi host is correct.

  5. Once the above steps are confirmed, attempt the VRA install once more.

  6. If issues persist after following the above, contact Zerto Support for further assistance.