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Problem with VMWare Tools Reporting “Upgrade Available” for a VRA VM in vCenter

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When viewing a VRA in vCenter it may show a notification that VMware tools is out of date or needs to be upgraded.

Root Cause

The VMware tools version installed on the VRA is only for the use of Zerto.  It is tested and updated as needed with each new major version of Zerto released. 
The alert could start to appear if the ESXi host the VRA is deployed on was recently upgraded.


Under the VM Summary. VMWare Tools section, it may say that "VMware Tools is out of date on this Virtual Machine", or "A newer version of VMware Tools is available for this virtual machine" and an upgrade is available:


The warning that is displayed that it is out of date or needs to be updated can be safely ignored.

Please also see the following KB on how to safely address the alert:
How to Address Outdated VMware Tools on Zerto VRA’s