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Problem with VM Only Visible in Standalone Selection When Trying to Protect it in a VPG

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An administrator may want to protect a VM from vCD in a vAPP but the VM will only be visible in standalone and not in vAPP.

Root Cause

The VM itself is not meant to be a standalone VM as it is part of a vAPP. Since it is registered in vCD as a standalone VM, Zerto presents it as a standalone VM, accordingly.


When creating/editing a VPG and attempting to add a VM from a vApp, it is only visible in standalone selection.


These are the requirements to be able to use "Standalone VM":

  1. Administrators which adopted the tenant UI, are now able to work with the new functionality called "Standalone VM" (starting in vCD version 9.0).

  2. VPG can only protect Standalone VMs and cannot be mixed with other VMs or vApps.

Please review the following steps to create and view Standalone VMs:

  1. Via the Tenant UI, administrators can create and configure individual standalone VMs.

  2. Accessible from “<VCD IP>/tenant/<Org Name> using a web browser.

  3. Under “Compute” - “Virtual Machines” - “Standalone VMs”.

Should the VM be a Standalone VM and meant to be part of a vApp, the administrator should make the necessary change from Standalone to VM as part of a vApp and try again.

If the VM is clearly part of a vApp and yet the VM is only selectable under Standalone, kindly engage Zerto Support.