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Problem with VM Missing from List of VMs to Protect Due to Duplicate SCVMM VM IDs

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An administrator may find when trying to protect a VM from an SCVMM site that the VM is not selectable.

Root Cause

VMs were replicated with Hyper-V replica previously.

This can cause duplicate VM IDs in SCVMM and confuse Zerto.


Unable to select and protect some VMs in ZVM GUI from a source site connected to SCVMM.

ZVM logs will also show the warnings below (notice differing 'vm ID'/Name but the VMId values are the same):

ScvmmVmInfoInspector,GetInvalidVmsAndDuplicatesByVmId,"Found a duplicate vm ID: eef5c5c0-b6be-4959-aa6b-ea181cca125a, VMId: BBE29F18-6590-4B71-B883-F87F8EB8C3D1, Name: example

ScvmmVmInfoInspector,GetInvalidVmsAndDuplicatesByVmId,"Found a duplicate vm ID: a11f3449-5e68-4968-9155-7155a5c4a537, VMId: BBE29F18-6590-4B71-B883-F87F8EB8C3D1, Name: example-old


There are two viable options in terms of workarounds available to relieve the issue and protect the necessary VM:

  1. In this link there is a suggestion on how to change the GUID.

    1. "export the VM and import it again (as a copy) - this should give you a new GUID"

  2. Delete one of the VMs or Remove one of the two VMs from SCVMM inventory and try again.