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Problem with VCD Network Mappings Missing in Some VPGs

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An administrator may notice when editing a VPG via Zerto GUI that some Org VDC networks are not listing in the dropdown as expected.

Root Cause

The Zerto VDC reflection builds out the list of networks for each VDC, prior to Zerto 7.0, in a manner similar to running the following API command: 
GET https://{vc-ip}/api/admin/vdc/{id}/networks

It was found that the particular ORG VDC being queried contained more than 128 networks.  No matter how these networks were queried, only 128 results were returned.  However, missing networks could be returned when filtering the results. This was determined to be a VCD bug which their SDK team reported as resolved in VCD

More information on using the VCD API to verify this information can be found here.


The customer reports that network mappings are missing for some VPGs under the "vApp network mapping" tab of the VPG creation or edit wizard in an ICDR configuration (VCD to VCD).

This can be confirmed by looking at the networks configured for the protected vApps and comparing them with what shows up under the network mapping. Protected networks will be missing from the mapping, meaning that they cannot be mapped to a recovery network.   The consequence of this is that automated Re-IP using Guest Customization is not possible upon failover of affected VPGs.

The missing networks will also be missing from the VCD reflection collection under the ORG and VDC level, but will show up under the vApp level.  This will also be true when using the VCD reflection collection utility.


To resolve this issue, simply upgrade all VCD sites in question to or higher.