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Problem with Updating a VPG to Change the Journal Datastore Does Not Change the Datastore, With No Error Presented to the User

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An administrator may need to update which datastore a given protected VM's journals reside on. However, due to a known code issue, an attempt of this update via Edit VPG in the Zerto GUI fails without any helpful error output.

Root Cause

This is due to a known issue starting in Zerto 7.0 that prevents svMotion of a journal if that journal for any given VM happens to span across multiple datastores. 


  1. [DATASTORE-1] ZeRTO volumes/vm-xxxx-log_volume.vmdk

  2. [DATASTORE-1] ZeRTO volumes/vm-xxxx-log_volume2.vmdk

  3. [DATASTORE-2] Z-VRAH-xyz/Z-VRAH-xyz.vmdk


Starting in Zerto 7.0, when a user attempts to edit a VPG to change the journal datastore, and completes the steps, no error is given. However, if the user goes back to check the settings, the journal datastore has not been updated.

In the ZVM logs, when the current settings for the VPG are gathered, the journal datastore location has no value:

,SettingsValidator,LogAndValidateProtectionGroupMgmtSettings,"Setting=Settings: Name: ...{log output truncated}... BootGroupIdentifier='00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000', JournalDatastore='' JournalStorageProfile='' JournalDatastoreCluster=''VMJournalSettings='HardLimit=LimitInMb=4294967285, LimitInPercent=30 WarningThreshold=LimitInMb=4294967285, LimitInPercent=25' CloudVmSettings='' VmGuestContentSettings='IndexVm = False', Volumes=VolumeManagementSettings:


To workaround this issue:

  1. Manually svMotion the journal disk(s) in vCenter to the desired location, or

  2. Manually svMotion all of the VM's journal volumes to the same datastore as other journal volumes, again in vCenter, then retry the VPG to update the journal datastore.

NOTE: A permanent fix can be found in 8.0 code family.