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Problem with Site is Missing or Disconnected in Cloud Control

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A user may want to upgrade or perform an activity in their Cloud Control. However, once logged in, they witness sites as missing or disconnected.

Root Cause

This is usually caused due to one of the following reasons:

  • ZVM version incompatibility

  • ZVM configuration: DRaaS setting, ZVM site setting.

  • ZVM network issue


Site(s) might be missing, disconnected, or greyed out in Zerto's Cloud Control.


In order to solve this configuration issue efficiently, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • ZVM version: ZVMs must be running versions 5.5U4 or 6.0 and above. ZVMs running a lower version are not supported for remote upgrade.

  • ZVM configuration:

    • DRaaS configuration: Zerto's Remote Upgrade functionality is designated to enable Cloud Providers to remotely upgrade their customer's sites. Therefore, this functionality will only be available for sites that were paired to a Cloud Provider's Site, using a ZCC IP address. If a license was applied at the site itself, the remote upgrade functionality will not be available as Zerto will assume it is an enterprise setting.

    • ZVM settings: Please make sure the ‘Enable Remote Upgrade' checkbox is selected. This checkbox is accessed from the ZVM application under Settings > About.

  • ZVM network:

    • Verify the connection between the ZVM and Zerto’s Analytics Servers:

      • Download a REST API client on the ZVM machine (for example Postman or Insomnia are 2 free API clients available to download from the internet)

      • Create a new PUT request with no body nor headers while setting the URL to

      • Send the request

      • You should see a ‘Success!’ message along with a timestamp indicating a successful connection between the ZVM and Zerto Analytics’ servers.

    • Proxy: If you are using a proxy, please see this KB article.

If all the above-mentioned suggestions haven’t provided a fix and a network issue has been ruled out, please submit a support case while including the following information:

  • The license key in use.

  • The e-mail address used for MyZerto.

  • A screenshot of a ‘Success!’ API Client response from Zerto’s Analytics Servers.

  • The name of the missing site. Please specify what Zerto version is running on the site(s) in question.