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Problem with Repeated VRA Timer Glitch Messages When Viewing VRA From VMWare Console

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This article describes a scenario in which a user may see a "Timer Glitch" when viewing the VRA from the VMWare Console.

Root Cause

The occurrence of the log print is a likely because of the LogWriter having very little work, thus the timer updates in a low frequency. This does not impact Zerto functionality.


In ZVR 7.0 and later, users should be authenticating to their VRAs and ZCCs using SSH -- not the VMWare console.  Please see the following KB article on how to authenticate to the VRAs and ZCCs: How to Connect to a VRA via SSH

Despite SSH being the only method of authentication, VMWare console can still be opened on a VRA VM.  On ZVR 7.5 and higher VRAs, users may see messages from rc.local in the VMWare console as seen below:

Compared to the view via SSH, which does not report such errors:



Do not access ZVR 7.0 and higher VRAs using the VMWare console as it is not a supported way of accessing the VRA. Instead, use SSH as outlined in the KB: How to Connect to a VRA via SSH

This message in the VRA VM console does not impact Zerto functionality and can be safely disregarded.