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Problem with Recovery Disk has Different Name From the Source Disk

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An administrator may notice mirror disks that are no longer named after the protected disk they are associated to. Instead, it is the name of the VRA or VRA-H it is mounted to.

Root Cause

The recovery disks in the naming format mentioned in the Symptoms section have been involved in storage vMotion. vCenter, by default, changes the .vmdk filename to its last attached VM.

In other words, the recovery disks had the same names of the protected VM's disks to start. However, the recovery disks' names were changed to the VRA's name due to the storage vMotion task and default vCenter setting.

The following
VMware KB mentions this expected behavior as well:

"Note: Changing the name does not change the name of any virtual machine files or the name of the directory that the files are located in. Migration with Storage vMotion changes the virtual machine filenames on the destination datastore to match the inventory name of the virtual machine. The migration renames all virtual disk, configuration, snapshot, and .nvram files. If the new names exceed the maximum filename length, the migration does not succeed."


In the recovery datastore, within the correct path, there are some disks named in the following format:


The size of these disks will also match the same size as the source disks.


To rename a .vmdk file so it matches that of its associated protected volume, follow this VMware KB.