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Problem with Protected VM with Multiple NICs Needing Re-IP when Recovering to AWS/Azure

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An administrator is attempting to configure Re-IP for a protected VM with multiple NICs that replicates to AWS or Azure. However, only one NIC can ever be set for Re-IP as the additional NICs are forced to obtain their IP via DHCP.

Root Cause

In early Zerto code version for AWS and Azure platforms, only one NIC can be configured for Re-IP. Additional NICs get configured for DHCP.


When creating/editing a VPG, only 1 NIC is present in the VPG configuration. All additional NICs are missing.

Upon Failover to AWS or Azure, the VM will boot up with the 1 NIC configured as desired in the VPG configuration, the additional NICs will receive an IP via DHCP.


To resolve this permanently to have all NICs appear in the VPG configuration and can be edited/configured for Re-IP operations, simply upgrade the Zerto environment to at least version 8.0.