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Problem with Org vDC Network not Visible in VPG Configuration

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An administrator may need to select a network for use on a VCD target VPG with multiple IPScopes, but cannot find the network in question to chose in the VPG Configuration.

Root Cause

This is a code bug where more than one VCD network IPScope entry causes the network to be filtered from the selections list entirely.


An Org Network created in VCD with multiple IPScopes is not visible/selectable in a Create/Edit VPG wizard.


To workaround this issue in an impacted version of code, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the IP scope Network specification.

  2. Check/confirm there are 2 IP scope entries.

  3. Delete or disable one of the IP scope entries.

  4. Try the VPG operation once more.

This issue was permanently resolved via a code fix found in version 7.0 Update 3.