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Problem with Old Journal Files Existing in the Journal Container/Bucket

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An administrator may notice their Azure Storage Container or AWS S3 bucket, many old/stale journal files that should have been removed.

Root Cause

When a grain is allocated, the VRA first tries to allocate from the mapped grains and only if there are no mapped grains, from the unmapped grains, to encourage reuse of grains, and prevent accessing unmapped grains when not needed.
This is the correct behavior for hypervisor environments.

In addition, the unmapper threads unmap free mapped grains.

In public cloud environments, there are no mapped grains and the current allocation and unmap logic prevents journal files from being deleted when not in use anymore.


Azure Storage Container or AWS S3 bucket will have journal files dates back to prior to the Journal History as configured in the VPG.


This issue was resolved in Zerto version 8.0.

If upgrading to 8.0 is not possible and immediate resolution is required, kindly engage Zerto Support to apply a manual fix.