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Problem with Manual Pre-seed Disk Selection where the Disks are Greyed Out

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Administrators may run into an issue when recreating a VPG with manual pre-seed selection is not possible as the respective mirror disks cannot be selected as pre-seed as they are greyed out.

Root Cause

The mirror disk was not properly detached from the recovery VRA after VPG deletion.  The mirror disk will have to be manually removed from the VRA in vSphere or vCenter prior to pre-seeding in the ZVM GUI.


When attempting to select the associated mirror disk to use as pre-seed for its corresponding protected volume via the Create/Edit VPG wizard, the mirror disk appears greyed out. Additionally, it is confirmed that the size reporting for the mirror is the exact same size as its associated protected volume.


To resolve this issue and allow for manual pre-seed selection, follow the below steps:
  1. In the ZVM GUI at the Storage tab via Create VPG wizard, note the recovery datastore in question that contains the pre-seed and file path to the recovery disk.  If you see the disk under a Z-VRA folder when browsing to the pre-seed, that means that the disk is still mounted to the VRA and will need to be detached prior to pre-seeding.
  2. In vSphere, right click on the VRA in question that contains the pre-seed and select Edit Settings.
  3. In the Hardware tab select Hard disk 1 and check that the Disk File matches the name of the disk you wish to pre-seed in Zerto.  You may need to highlight the path and drag your mouse cursor to the right to see the full path of the disk.  If the name of the disk does not match the name of the disk you are trying to pre-seed in Zerto, please repeat the process for the remaining Hard disks attached to this VRA.
  4. Once you have found the hard disk containing the name of the disk you are trying to pre-seed, click on the hard disk and select Remove.  You will see two Removal options and will want to select Remove from virtual machine to preserve the underlying disk. 
  5. Note the datastore that the pre-seed disk resides on.
  6. Repeat steps 1 – 5 for any other VMs/disks you wish to pre-seed that are experiencing the same issue.
  7. Once the above steps are completed, attempt to manually preseed once more.

Note: If you are having difficulty determining how to manually preseed via the Zerto GUI, kindly visit this KB article.