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Problem With Ghosted VRAs Even After a vCenter Rebuild and VCenter Database Was Preserved

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A customer may need to recreate a cCenter for whatever reason. Part of this process to ensure Zerto is healthy is that the vCenter Database is preserved so that all MoRefs do not change according to this KB: How to Upgrade/Replace a vCenter Without Affecting Zerto Virtual Replication

Even when the above is followed, the cCenter Server now has a new Server Identifier. This can lead to administrative tasks such as Destroy VPG to fail and VRAs will also show as <deleted>.

Root Cause

It is expected behavior for a re-created vCenter server to have a new Site Identifier/GUID.

Zerto is unaware of this change and still retains the old GUID.


The following symptoms could appear: 
A recent upgrade or rebuild to the vCenter was performed
VRAs in the ZVM GUI report as <deleted>
In the ZVM logs, the following exception can be found:
20-01-20 13:34:08.53,E,43,AssertAndStandardLogger,Error,"Subsequent assert failure: . Unexpected exception: System.ArgumentException: server identifier expected value [NEW_VC_GUID] but was [OLD_VC_GUID]



A tweak,  t_forcedServerIdentifier,  will be need to applied on the ZVM connected to the vCenter Server GUID that changed.

If you are experiencing the issue mentioned in this KB, kindly contact Zerto Support for assistance in applying this tweak.