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Problem with Creating a VPG to VCD where Recovery Hosts and Datastores are not Selectable

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An administrator is attempting to create a VPG to replicate to VCD, however no Recovery Datastores or Hosts are available to select.

Root Cause

Even though theĀ "Unlisted datastores can be used for all purposes" is checked, without explicitly listing the datastores to be used, the Create VPG task will not list any Recovery Hosts or Datastores to chose from.


The Target site for the VPG is VCD and has a defined ZORG.

The ZORG has the proper VCD resources assigned in the ZCM GUI.

From the Target ZVM GUI Site Settings > Cloud Settings, the proper "Provider vDC" is already added and the Datastore configuration option is set to "Unlisted datastores can be used for all purposes". However, no datastores explicitly added.

During the Create VPG wizard, when on the Replication tab and choosing the VCD site, nothing populates as far as Recovery Host and Datastore options.


To resolve this issue:

  1. From the Target ZVM GUI, navigate to Site Settings > Cloud Settings tab > Datastore Configuration > Provider vDC.

  2. Click Add and add the desired datastore(s) to the list.

  3. Save the changes.

  4. Retry the VPG creation.