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Problem with Create VPG Failing where RDM is Used with NFS Datastore

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An administrator, when creating a VPG, may see a failure when attempting to protect a VM with an RDM attached that resides on an NFS type datastore.

Root Cause

In this scenario, a physical RDM has been configured against an NFS datastore which is not supported by VMware. Please see VMware KB article 1001856 for further information.


Error is seen during VPG creation in the ZVR GUI.  The VM moref cited will be a VRA.

Protection group creation. Failed: Failed applying configuration to VM  (ID vm-xxxx) Message: A general system error occurred: Error creating disk Function not implemented. Fault: Vim25Api.SystemError.

Verifying that the datastore is NFS from the ZVM logs:

RecoveryDiskFactory,GetRecoveryVolumePathInternal,"GetRecoveryVolumePath: requiredVolumeVmdkPath = 'vmdk-path', suffix = '', recoveryVraVmIdentifier = '[VM vm-xxxx, server server-uid-1]', protectedVmIdentifier = '[VM vm-yyy, server server-uid-2]' addSuffixInFileName=False uniqueOperationID=path = 'Z-VRA-recoveryserver\xxxxxxxx\vmyyy\recoverydisk.vmdk' disk ='SpecificDisk: [Datastore datastore-xx, VmdkPath 'Z-VRA-recoveryserver\xxxxxxxx\vmyyy\recoverydisk.vmdk' VmdkMode 'RdmPhysical' SpecificFileVmdkPath 'Z-VRA-recoveryserver\xxxxxxxx\vmyyy\recoverydisk-rdmp.vmdk' PathSeparatorType 'Unix' BackingObjectID '']' ",

Host logs report the error returned from the ESXi host:

hostd[10944B70] [Originator@6876 sub=Vmsvc.VmDiskMgr opID=opID user=vpxuser:DOMAIN\username] For disk [datastore_name] Z-VRA-Z-VRA-recoveryserver\xxxxxxxx\vmyyy\recoverydisk.vmdk, Error creating disk: Function not implemented


To workaround this issue, select a VMFS datastore instead.

Please see VMware KB article 1001856 for further information.