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Problem with Create VPG Completing and Immediately Creating an Additional VPG, the Wizard Starts Over and the Same VM(s) can be Selected for Protection Again

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An administrator may be creating multiple VPGs manually, one after another. There is a timing issue where a VM already protected can be selected again as if it is not in a VPG to begin with.

Root Cause

This is a known timing issue where the storage file is not updated prior to next VPG creation wizard being started. Thus, the validators do not pickup that the VM(s) are in any VPGs as of yet which allows for this to occur.


From the ZVM logs, there will be two different Create VPG tasks:

CommandTaskManager,AddCommandTask,Added Command RecoverySiteCreateProtectionGroup for 0bb9744e-dfc9-4f55-a171-a8af26b198ba,

CommandTaskManager,AddCommandTask,Added Command RecoverySiteCreateProtectionGroup for d6b0cff1-12de-4b60-9cd4-cf287666c2ae,

CommandTaskManager,CompleteCommandTask,TaskId f237a276-f7bc-4057-b4c0-b45350f25ef6:e011ec00-56b4-4afd-bd75-f5c264d13359 was completed. code Success result 0bb9744e-dfc9-4f55-a171-a8af26b198ba,

As seen here, the first VPG was finished before the second one was created, hence this log event will be seen below that mentions the VM MoRef in question is in 1 VPG total.

PotentialVirtualMachinesListGenerator,GetVmsProtectionInfo,"vms info from protected side VMIdentifier: [VM vm-xxx, server yyy], Flags: Vcd, OwnerToVpgs: , NumberOfVpgsToOtherOwners: 0, NumberOfVpgsInProgress: 1, TotalNumberOfVpgs: 1",

Meaning, the first VPG was not in the storage file yet so the queries and the validations did not know that the VM was already affiliated to another VPG. After filling out all fields in a Create VPG task and selecting Done, the wizard returns to the first screen to provide a VPG name and Priority level.

The following screens will already be filled out with the same details selected previously in the first VPG. Selecting Done once more results in two different VPGs being created for the same VM(s).


To avoid this issue on an impacted version of code, simply do not create another VPG using the same VM.

This issue was permanently resolved in Zerto version 7.5.