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Problem with Configuring Custom Certificate for Azure ZCA

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An administrator, after replacing the default certificate with a custom certificate via reconfigure on the ZCA, may notice that the new customer certificate is not the certificate in use.

Root Cause

An issue was found that there was a missing .dll file preventing this task from successfully completing.


A customer may run a reconfigure on a Zerto 7.5 Azure ZCA in order to apply a custom certificate.  The certificate password validation will pass, the reconfigure task will complete, but the ZCA will still be using the old (likely default) ZVM certificate.


This issue was permanently fixed in Zerto version 8.0. Upgrading to 8.0 or higher will resolve the issue.

If upgrading is not possible, there are manual steps that can be taken which can be followed below:

  1. Generate the custom zvm.pfx file with the password "zerto" (if the default ZVM cert is being used) or with whatever the existing cert password is.*

  2. Stop the ZVM service

  3. Replace the existing zvm.pfx with the new zvm.pfx (it is recommended to backup the original first)

  4. Start the ZVM service

*If a password other than "zerto" is required for the certificate, kindly contact Zerto Support to assist with a configuration change to allow a different password.