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Problem with Cloud vCenter Resources not Displaying Recovery Hosts or Datastores When Creating a VPG

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An administrator upon creating a VPG with Cloud vCenter resources may not see any available recovery resources to chose from.

Root Cause

The Recovery Host chosen in the VPG configuration is not within a Resource Pool.


Whenever the user attempts to create a new VPG from the source site using only defined ZORG vCenter resources, the recovery host and recovery datastore show up as blank within the Replication tab.


To resolve this issue, follow the below steps:

  1. Install the VRA on the Cloud Site vCenter.

  2. Create a Resource Pool on the same Recovery Site vCenter. 

  3. In vSphere of the Recovery Site, click and drag the recovery VRA into the Resource Pool.

  4. In the ZCM, add the Resource Pool resource to the associated ZORG.

  5. Attempt to create a new VPG. The GUI should now display the available recovery hosts and recovery datastores.