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Problem with Azure ZCA’s VRA Service Crashing Repeatedly After Upgrading to 7.5

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An administrator replicating into Azure Gov may experience frequent ZCA VRA service crashes in Zerto version 7.5.

Root Cause

Azure Government endpoints are different from the public Azure endpoints of which are used by default.


As soon as the upgrade or install of Zerto version 7.5 completes, the VRA service crashes continuously with the following errors seen in the ZCA's VRA logs:

,Error,980,NON,CloudRESTClient,processResponse,CloudRESTClient<1> response not available, with http status: 404
,Control,2624,VRA,VraImpl,setCloudConfig, req.bucketName()=  req.key1()=key  req.tenant()=  req.regionName()=  req.endpoint()  req.cloudType()=3  req.scaleoutOrchestratorEndpoint()=https://localhost:7072/ManifestJobs/v1  req.resourceGroup()=<subscription_and_resource_group>
,Assert,2624,NON,AzureProxy,initialize, AzureProxy.cpp 71: rc == RC_SUCCESS failed.


To resolve this issue, upgrade the affected ZCA(s) to Zerto version 7.5 Update 4 or higher.

If upgrading is not possible, kindly engage Zerto Support to assist with a configuration change.