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Premium Storage VM is deleted after a Failover into Azure and the VPG is destroyed

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Root Cause

This is expected behavior in the current code stream since the Resource Group was created on Failover for the Recovered Premium Storage VM to be spun up. Upon deletion of the VPG, the Resource Group is meant to be destroyed which in turn destroys the Premium Storage VM.


After a Failover is performed into Azure where a VM in the VPG is on Premium Storage, a user may wish to delete the VPG since it is no longer required. However, when the VPG is destroyed, the Premium VM within the VPG is also destroyed along with the Resource Group that was created during Failover. If the Conversion Tool is not ran previous to the VPG removal, then the VM is ultimately lost and would need to be restored or rebuilt.


1] If Reverse Replication is required, run Conversion Tool first and place the standard VM into its own VPG to replicate back to the original Protected site. Only after the standard VM is created, then the VPG with the Premium VM can be destroyed. This will result in just the Standard VM being available in Azure while the now unused Premium VM is destroyed.

2] If it is desired for the Premium VM to be used (i.e. migration to Public Cloud) then the VPG must not be destroyed and left as is.