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Pre-seeding Hyper-v VHD/X to a VMWare VMDK

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In order for an administrator to re-create a VPG using the preseed option in a Hyper-V to VMWare replication, it is required to first convert the VHD/X file to a VMDK.
This article explains the correct process of converting between the two.


To convert the files, please follow the process below:

  1. Convert the VHDX to a VHD according to the following article (if you already have a VHD file, skip to the second step):

  1. Convert the VHD to a VMDK:

    1. Follow the instructions in the following article to convert the VM using VMware vCenter Converter tool:
Please note, the conversion process will output two VMDK files: <chosen_name>.vmdk and <chosen_name>-flat.vmdk 


     2.  VMware vCenter Converter requires the VHD to be attached to a VM and the converter to be run on that specific VM. If you have just the VHD and it's not attached to any virtual machine than you can download  WinImage to convert the VHD to a VMDK file

  1. Move the VMDKs into a single dedicated folder and upload the entire folder to the relevant datastore. 

  2. You should be able to select this VMDK for preseeding.