“New VPG” Button Is Grayed Out on a Customer Site Paired via ZCC to a Cloud Site

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A cloud service provider may see that after pairing a new customer site to their cloud site via a Zerto Cloud Connector (ZCC), the "New VPG" button on the customer site remains grayed out.  This article outlines the requirements that may not be met, which can explain this behavior.


In order for the "New VPG" option to be available on a customer site paired with a cloud site via a ZCC, the following requirements must be met:


  • Resource Pools, not hosts and/or clusters, are configured to be used as targets for replication.

  • VRAs must be installed on the recovery site.

  • The relevant resources are exposed to the ZORG (Zerto Organization) in the Zerto Cloud  Manager’s vCenter or vCD Cloud Resources configuration tabs.

  • The relevant permissions are assigned to the ZORG in the Zerto Cloud  Manager’s Permissions Configuration tab.


For additional information on configuring replication to a cloud site, refer to the Zerto  Cloud Manager Administration Guide available for download via the Zerto Downloads section of the Zerto Support Portal.


If after review of these requirements, the issue persists, contact Zerto Support.

Affected Versions:
ZVR 3.0 and Greater

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