Why Does My Resource Report Output Contains “-1″ Values”?

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Starting with 2.0 Update 5 (Beryl), the Resource Report feature has been available via the Zerto Virtual Replication Reports screen.  For more information on the Resource Report feature, refer to the Resource Report online documentation.

When generating a Resource Report, an administrator may notice that some fields contain "-1" for a value.  This solution article explains the cause for this behavior.


Affected Versions


2.0 Update 5 (Beryl) and greater.








A "-1" value can be displayed in a resource report in any of the following circumstances:

  • The sites were disconnected when the sample was collected (the source site measures the throughput and bandwidth, but the recovery site logs the results).

  • The values at the time of sampling are lower than the previous values. This can occur because the values are calculated as total data transmitted over a period of time, so "(current value of total data transmitted) - (last value of total data transmitted)" / (elapsed time). A potential cause for this would be if a source VRA is rebooted, as sample values are not stored persistently by VRAs.

  • This sample was the first sample for the VM. If there is no previous sample, the data cannot be calculated.


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